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Lyric Reviews

LR Baggs Lyric Acoustic Guitar Microphone Reviews.


Peghead Nation

Here's a look at the new L.R. Baggs Lyric Classical acoustic guitar microphone, installed in a 1982 Lloyd Baggs classical guitar demonstrated by Peghead Nation Co-Founder/Producer Teja Gerken.


Lyric Acoustic Guitar Microphone Wins Guitar World Gold Award

by Chris Gill
Reprinted from Guitar World Magazine, März 2014 Issue

“Simply put, the Lyric delivers warm, natural and dynamic tones that are impressively close to a guitar's inherent acoustic sound. As a result, the Lyric is as useful in the studio as it is onstage.”

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LR Baggs Lyric Acoustic Microphone Review

by Dave Burrluck of Guitarist Magazine.
Reprinted from Guitarist Magazine, Juni 2013

“The Lyric is a marvellous aide, especially for players who want studio, mic-like tonality coming out of their acoustic amp or PA. Also, if you're recording at home then it's not always easy to have a perfectly quiet environment. Again, the Lyric is remarkably accurate in here, giving you mic-like tonality direct into your recording software.”

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Sound Pure Reviews the New LR Baggs Lyric Acoustic Guitar Microphone

“LR Baggs is breaking barriers again with their new internal acoustic microphone, the Lyric. Not only is it unobtrusive and easy to install, but it also displays a clearer sound that has not been heard in other external or internal microphones until now. This microphone is great for any situation whether it be a live performance or even recording in your own home. It's your guitar, only louder.”

Acoustic Guitar Reviews Lyric Acoustic Guitar Microphone

by Scott Nygaard, Acoustic Guitar Magazine
April 2013

“One of my main considerations with any amplification system is how good it sounds given little or no time for a soundcheck. I’ve played countless festivals where I had to walk onstage, plug in , and hope for the best. It’s hard to imagine anything working any better in that situation than the L.R. Baggs Lyric.”

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Lyric Acoustic Guitar Microphone - Reviewed by Guitar World

Lyric Acoustic Guitar Microphone wins 2013 M.I.P.A.

For the 14th time, more than 100 magazines from all over the world voted for the best musical instruments and audio equipment in more than 40 categories of the M.I.P.A., Musikmesse International Press Award. More than 300 international representatives of manufacturers and distributors of musical instruments and audio equipment got together for the 14th M.I.P.A. awards show, including guests from the USA, Canada, Japan, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, Poland, Great Britain, Italy, France, Greece, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Considered the “Grammy" of the Musical Instrument/Pro Audio industry the Lyric received a M.I.P.A. for best pickup.