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Voiceprint ® DI




Voiceprint DI + AcousticLive Resources

General resource page for the LR Baggs Voiceprint DI and AcousticLive App.

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What pickups can be used with the Voiceprint DI?

Any pickup system can be used with the Voiceprint DI, active or passive. However, in cases with poor string balance or an improper installation, the Voiceprint will reflect those issues.

What kinds of instruments can I use with the Voiceprint DI?

Any acoustic instrument with a pickup should work with the Voiceprint DI. The default settings are optimized for steel string acoustic guitars. However, many other instruments will work just fine with these default settings.

Where should I place the Voiceprint DI in my effects signal chain? When should I use the FX Loop?

The Voiceprint DI should go at the beginning of your signal chain so that your guitar is first into the Voiceprint before anything else. Use the effects loop or 1/4" output for effects/pedals such as compressors, reverb, delay, chorus, and saturation.

Can I use an external phone mic to create a Voiceprint? Why not use a studio microphone?

The VPDI and AcousticLive App are designed to use the predictable frequency response of the iPhone mic to accurately measure your instrument's unique character. As a measurement tool, the phone mic has more reliable results than most external mics.

The VPDI is designed to reduce the need for additional gear. However, if you want to try external mics, the system will work with them. Your results will be colored by the specific tone of those 3rd-party microphones and the results will vary.

Does the Voiceprint DI run on batteries or phantom power?

The Voiceprint DI will not run on batteries or phantom power. The included power supply should be used for best performance.

Can I use this with the power supply for my other pedals?

The included power supply should be used for best performance and should be isolated or separate from the power supply for other pedals. In some cases multi-output power supplies such as power-brick style supplies can work well but in some cases they cause unwanted power supply noise.

Can I use the Voiceprint DI without the app connected or without a phone?

The app is required to create Voiceprints, make EQ changes and use the Advanced Toolkit (in-app purchase).

Without a phone connected, the user will still have access to all the controls necessary for live performance including VP blend, AntiFB blend, phase, PAD, volume, mute and scrolling/selecting presets. These can be done directly from the Voiceprint DI pedal.

Can I make a Voiceprint with my high-end guitar and use it with a different guitar?

Each Voiceprint is created from your guitar's unique voice and from the pickup you have installed. Using a VP made on one guitar will not yield reliable results on any other instrument.

How does phone mic placement affect the tone/accuracy of the Voiceprint?

Like any microphone, the phone mic will capture different aspects of the guitar's voice with different placements. However, the general mic placement outlined in the in-app tutorial will produce the best results for most players. If you alter the mic placement, the resulting Voiceprints will reflect those changes.

Can I use 3rd Party IR files with the Voiceprint DI?

No. Only the files created with the AcousticLive app are supported at this time. The goal is to capture your specific instrument and pickup to give you your guitar's unique voice. That cannot be done with a 3rd party IR import.

How many presets can I save?

The Voiceprint DI pedal can store up to 99 presets. The Preset Library on your phone does not have a preset limit. There are advanced management features in the library on the app to help you create playlists to manage different gigs or set lists if you want to explore them.

Does the VPDI have a tuner or effects?

No. The VPDI does not have a tuner or effects.

Is Acoustic Live available on Android?

Not at this time.

Do I need to update the pedal firmware when I update the app?

No. The app updates are independent of the pedal firmware updates.

Will I need different Voiceprints for recording and playing live?

This is up to user preference. Some players have found that different settings work better for certain playing applications. You can also use the same Voiceprint in different Presets if you want to alter the EQ or other settings and save them separately.

I have two guitars with different output levels. How do I match the levels between instruments?

The VPDI allows the user to set the volume level of each preset individually using the Preset Level control in the LEV module.

Does AcousticLive work on iPad?

AcousticLive does not currently have a dedicated iPad app. The iPhone version can be downloaded and used on most current iPad models but will visually not fit correctly on the screen. Voiceprints can still be created using the iPad.

Voiceprint DI user’s guide

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