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Maker's Mic Podcast

Maker’s Mic is a music makers podcast hosted by Mike Luckett and presented by LR Baggs. In each episode, we will explore the world of music by interviewing the people who bring it to life.

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Maker's Mic ist ein Musikmacher-Podcast, moderiert von Mike Luckett und präsentiert von LR Baggs. In jeder Episode werden wir die Welt der Musik erkunden, indem wir die Menschen interviewen, die sie zum Leben erwecken. Musiker, Studiotechniker und viele mehr erzählen ihre Geschichten und geben Einblicke. Wir begleiten sie hinter die Bühne, ins Studio und hinter den Vorhang, um einen Einblick in das Leben eines Musikmachers zu bekommen.

Doc Oliver - Maker’s Mic Podcast

EPISODE 18: Doc Oliver

Our guest this episode is Central-California based Americana singer-songwriter and U.S. Navy Veteran, Doc Oliver. His story is one of honor, redemption, and hope. Working as a battlefield medic with multiple tours in Afghanistan, Oliver earned the nickname “Doc” stitching up wounded soldiers and civilians alike. He was honorably discharged, suffering from PTSD after being ambushed and injured by the Taliban, losing three of his best friends in the event. He now lives in Central California with his wife and three children, working as an armed guard at a nuclear power plant. Oliver struggles emotionally reliving some of his experiences as he arms himself for his job which, ultimately, led him to turn to music. “My songs are strictly an outlet...I didn’t like individual or group therapy, everyone’s different, but I have this ability to play guitar and write and that’s helped me process some heavy things and try to heal.”

Oliver first met Lloyd Baggs at a concert in California where they spoke about music and his military background. After exchanging contact information Lloyd recounts, “Doc sent me a link to a few of his songs the next day, but there was no way I was prepared for what I was about to hear. Within minutes I knew that I was personally going to do everything I could to help him bring his beautifully raw, poignant songs to a much wider audience. We soon arranged for Doc to come to Nashville where we put together a band and produced an EP and a few videos for him with our Handcrafted Video crew.”